A Creative Mammogram

CAREGIVING:  I went to my first mammogram today. Well Kathy went for a mammogram, but I was there to help, dressed in lead.

I’m not really sure why a radiology office would not be prepared for women in wheelchairs. Women still need mammograms.  Because we didn’t have a chair with dropping arm rests, it was almost a wasted trip. You would think they would have a stool or something. The two techs were great though. They got creative with the furniture at hand. They found an old chair that had sloped armrests and we managed to get the pictures they needed. They were willing to try a few things to get it.

They seemed surprised that I was willing to help hold her. It wasn’t easy on any of us especially Kathy. When her body is starting to slump one way or buckle the other, cramming her into a pretzel, and then into a sandwich press had to have been uncomfortable. I have no idea what the results will be but more men should see what women have to go through to take care of themselves. When we got back she took a long nap before lunch. When she woke up she asked if “we had gone yet?”

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