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The final decline

CAREGIVING: This is really a post about the week or so before Kathy passed away. I’m writing so I can remember. I need to go a few steps backward. Then maybe I can move forward. The indications were all there.  Kathy was starting to have digestion issues again. Besides having diarrhea, she was regurgitating food. She wasn’t vomiting but when… Read more →

Second thoughts; and third ones too

CAREGIVING:  This week was another wild ride emotionally. The big debate was whether Kathy should be taken to the hospital. I was having second thoughts and third thoughts and more. I mean, it isn’t like it is life or death…  Oh, wait it is. These are tough decisions, and probably some of the toughest ones you and I have to… Read more →

Using the Hoyer lift

CAREGIVING:  I wanted to show the process for getting Kathy into her wheelchair and back into bed. It is always easier when one of the aides helps out, but here are a few photos of the procedure. I used to use the Hoyer lift to go straight-ahead into the chair. But a physical therapist showed me how to lift her over… Read more →

Declining? (Part 2)

CAREGIVING: When we last checked in I was told Kathy was “declining.” That episode was probably related to medication issues – Atropine, in particular. By the next nursing visit, her vitals were pretty good. Unfortunately, caregiving is a rollercoaster. What goes up doesn’t keep going up. Each up is lower than the last up. You are lucky if you level out for a day. Or… Read more →

Getting back to normal (sort off)

CAREGIVING:  Yesterday Christina from Baystate VNA came for her weekly check on Kathy and to discharge her. Basically that means that Kathy’s condition after the hospital stay has stabilized. Her blood pressure and Oxygen levels are as good as new. I’m managing her feeding tube OK and keeping her throat free of mucus. Her diaper rash is getting better. And we have help… Read more →

Venturing outside for the first time

CAREGIVING:  Sometimes the biggest reward from taking care of Kathy is a smile. Just knowing that she is enjoying something makes me feel like it is worth it. Since she can no longer really speak it isn’t easy to tell. Almost always it is something simple. I wet her lips with cold water. Clean her teeth. I give her a taste of… Read more →

Feeding tube

HOSPITAL / June 2nd:  I’m writing this from notes and memories. On Monday, they put the feeding tube in. I was actually driving to the hospital when the doctor called. He was trying to say he wanted her in for a follow-up visit in a week or two to take out some stitches. Thinking about the trauma of ambulances to and from… Read more →