Don’t Be Discouraged

Available now, Don’t Be Discouraged is my first full album in 25 years. 

Produced by Jim Henry, with contributions from Sue Hill, Tracy Grammer, Lisa Bastoni, Chris Haynes, Joel Tepp, Lorne Entress, and J.J. O’Connell. Of the ten songs, a few are funny like the title song, ‘Don’t Be Discouraged’ and a story about my encounter with a squirrel. But there are also stories that are more serious. 

Don’t Be Discouraged: an anthem to realistic pessimism. (lyric video)
Reunion: about my 50th reunion and his hometown.
Nothing Could Change: light-hearted country duet.
So Far So Good: hope and resilience. (lyric video)
It Just Depends: moving forward after loss. (lyric video)
Please Mr. Squirrel: a humorous ragtime ode to a squirrel.
The Huntington’s Waltz: a thank you letter to a caregiver. (lyric video)
Guilty Survivor: survivor’s guilt (every silver lining has a cloud).
Tonight I Wish: a love song about trying again.
Two Cents Worth: unsolicited advice.

Don’t Be Discouraged is available on my Bandcamp page now. 

Digital lyrics and video links: Discouraged digital booklet bookmarked

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