Soupeater! Sue + Peter

Sue Hill and I perform together as often as we can. During the pandemic, we were able to do a few concerts on Zoom for facilities like nursing homes during the last year as well as a few outdoor gigs. We are back to performing live when it is safe to do so.

Here is a video sampler reel of one of our performances at an assisted living facility.

Both of us have always been interested in Tin Pan Alley era music — anything from the 1900s through the 40s. The category is pretty loose but songs like “Hello My Baby” or “Shine on Harvest Moon” come to mind. But there are newer songs that have similar chords and themes. And I love jazz chords. We were singing many songs from that era and wanted to create a show that could be done for a library, senior center, or school as well as a traditional music venue. Our stage name, “Soupeater” is our names run together.

We also realized “Soupeater” will work for our regular folk and singer-songwriter shows. We can also provide a “Country Folk and Roots” show. It would feature early folk and country songs (like the Carter Family or traditional songs), some history as well as some of my original songs.

We also have our “History of Funny Songs” show that we started to do. It would be fun to do two sets: Tin Pan Alley and then Country/ Folk. Let us know if you have any other ideas. We have outfits too.