Virtual Concerts

Let me perform for your venue or group virtually! I have begun giving performances on YouTube, Zoom, and Facebook Live in support of venues, libraries, and private house concerts. I would also love to collaborate on charitable causes that are a good fit. I could also arrange a few songwriters to swap songs and talk about our songwriting.

Zoom concerts allow a certain amount of chatting before and after; questions and answers; and even an occasional request. Susan Hill and I can even do our Funny Songs: Then and Now show. I have a little area set up for performing with decent hard-wired internet service and sound equipment. I am open to any ideas and fees. Throw an offer out there and let’s see what we can do. I can also use my own Paypal for payment. I would just love to play.

Sound Equipment (to date 🙂):

Apple 27-inch iMac Retina 5K 3.5GHz Core i5
Yamaha MG10xu mixer
Behringer UMC404HD 4-channel Audio Interface
MCA-SP1 Condenser microphone
2- Blue- Encore 300 Condenser stage microphones
Shure  SM-58 Dynamic microphone
MXL-LSC-1N Condenser Microphone – Multipattern

Assorted webcams and an Apple iPhone.

I use OBS broadcasting software to manage my stream. That sounds like a question for my Urologist but it’s different.

Sample from my first broadcast. 


I also have a PayPal link if you are interested in supporting my endeavors.