Crappy Sunday

CAREGIVING: It was a crappy Sunday, in a manner of speaking. I had been feeling crappy (stomach wise) and just felt like relaxing for a change, when I woke up. So I let Kathy sleep a bit too long and she had a little accident. She felt bad. I felt worse because, well, it could have been avoided. So I got that straightened out and gave Kathy a shower. Cooked some breakfast. Sunday is usually eggs and potatoes. I took some Pepcid and did ok. After I fed her and brushed her teeth I had her rest for a while. Partly she needs to rest her trunk muscles or she turns into a pretzel (bent to one side). She went to the bathroom and we went shopping.

I decided to go to Aldis, this time. I was out of almost everything and didn’t want to spend more than I had to. I won’t go into the reasons why. So I got Kathy down the lift and into the car. Marty went along too. Shopping took a little longer than usual. I couldn’t find a few things (which is usual at Aldis) but I was enjoying a few minutes of not worrying about Kathy. I knew she was resting in the warm car. We got home and I helped Kathy in first. I put her in the old wheelchair downstairs and asked her if she would be ok while I unloaded. I went out and put the food on the porch, parked the car.

Marty ears outKathy said “I had an accident,.” She said she had peed. So I got her up the stair lift and into her chair and raced her to the bathroom. She had Depends on, but she felt bad again. She said “I’m sorry”. I said it wasn’t a big deal and it wasn’t. I had her all cleaned up, I thought. I wheeled her to the bedroom to get her dressed. Then I realized she had pooped too. Cleaned her up again. Cleaned the seat of her transport chair. Got some clothes on her. Then got her to lie down again to rest while I went out to get the melting ice cream and thawing food off the porch. I started to put stuff away and realized I hadn’t picked up her soiled depends. Marty had gotten into them and shredded depends were all over the place. I took care of that. I did some therapeutic yelling at Marty. He scurried into the living room but he reminded me that I had left the stuff there for him to investigate.

I put away the food and grabbed the cup of coffee I had never finished in the morning and went in to where Kathy was resting and sat down to relax. “I’m ready for lunch are you?”

I did get to drink my coffee. The rest of the day was fine by the way.


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