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March (what was left of it)

The rest of March was busy. In addition to getting ready for the memorial in Reno, the new refrigerator was coming, I had a fair amount of design work, yard work and decluttering work. And I was still had remnants of a cough I had in February. And I had more music stuff I wanted to go to if I could.… Read more →

Getting back to life

I have put off writing about my sister, Barbara because it was hard to go through it again. She passed away on March 3. I found out about it from a text message when I woke up that morning. There was no point in going back to the hospital. Connie and her husband cleared her personal belongings and all the… Read more →

Reno / part 1: Hip hooray

Caregiving: I just got back from Reno on Tuesday, so I am still catching up with stuff. I was there for a week or so to help my sister Barbara recover from hip replacement surgery. There were a few moments when I started to wonder what they replaced it with. (Used parts?) But she is progressing really well, now. I was… Read more →

Friday and Saturday: undertakings

Friday, October 16, 2015 Last Friday was the day I had to go to the funeral home to sign some forms. I decided to take Marty with me so I could give him a few little walks and I wanted to stop by the Wilbraham Library on my way home to ask about having Kathy’s celebration there. The funeral home… Read more →

Turning the other cheek-

CAREGIVING: Kathy has had some setbacks lately. Separated by a few days of normal. Followed by a false alarm. I guess I forgot to knock on wood. Keeping it Down: Last weekend it was a stomach issue. She kept regurgitating her feeding formula; or her meds and water; or both. That is dangerous because it can go back down into the lungs… Read more →

The News in briefs (and other updates)

LIFE: The last few days have been interesting. Nothing bad happened and Kathy is actually doing pretty well considering she is in hospice. She is still able to let me know if she is comfortable; or not. Wet or not. She can open wide. And stick out her tongue for me to clean it. She has had a recurring bloodshot eye that… Read more →

Weather report

CAREGIVING: Sunday it rained like crazy. I watched the Patriot’s play Indianapolis later, but it was a “low biorhythm” day. For some reason a big weather change or passing front can give me a headache. It might be a change in the pressure that causes it. Beats me. I’m lucky it wasn’t snow. My snow blower is still sitting on the porch scaring the snow away. I… Read more →