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Shouldering On

Shouldering on. My shoulder seems to be getting better, slowly. I think it is back to where it was before I stumbled at the bottom of the stairs. And crushed part of my guitar. That was actually the third time I have messed up my shoulder and rotator cuff. The first time was about 30 years ago when I slipped on the… Read more →

The Huntington’s Waltz

CAREGIVING, MUSIC & LIFE: I started thinking about this song some time after Kathy passed away. At the caregivers support group at UConn, I mentioned how I wish I could “do something.” I was thinking I could be trained to run a support group or advise people. Now I realize that counseling should be done by counselors – with professional training.… Read more →

Cough. I think I’ve got it

I’m gradually getting over a bout of bronchitis. I managed to skip over the typical cold and went right to a cough. Or something like that. I know exactly when and where I caught “it” too. March 7. I went over to my friend Charlie’s house to practice for our open mic outings. He said he felt like he was… Read more →

Feeding tube: plumbing hacks

CAREGIVING:  Last week Kathy’s feeding tube started acting up. Well, actually it has been a gradual thing. A few months ago I noticed the purple plug end of the tubing (coming from the feeding bag) was slipping out of her stomach port. I fixed that by lightly roughing-up the plug of each bag with a little piece of sandpaper. It is just enough to grip it… Read more →

S is for Social Security

CAREGIVING:  Kathy has her second appointment with Doctor Jackson tomorrow afternoon. I confirmed the appointment and the ambulance arrival time. It is supposed to be reasonably mild out for December but it might be drizzling. I am hoping that she will be more alert this time but it is always a crap shoot. Maybe an injection of coffee is in order. I… Read more →

Day One: Roster Changes

Wednesday, the primary care team came from NaviCare, Kathy’s new health plan. (See my previous post about it). It was day one of coverage. Miguel is our Navigator (commercial pun intended). He will be the main contact: getting any approvals for this and that, and he will make Kathy’s first appointment with her new doctor. He will get any needed authorizations for ambulance rides to her doctor and dentist appointments. And… Read more →

“You are there.” The Truth Is Tough to Swallow

CAREGIVING:  Erica the speech therapist came for another visit to check Kathy’s swallowing on Tuesday (4/29). It was one of Kathy’s bad days. There was more congestion from fluid, and we made the mistake of testing her swallowing while she was lounging on the futon. Her body was not in the best position. We had already eaten breakfast so Kathy was already… Read more →