Kathy’s Benefit

MUSIC: There are many people who could not get to the benefit concert in Amherst or were not free to watch on ConcertWindow as it was happening. It was a huge success and I was humbled by the love for Kathy that was shown and the respect that was shown for my caregiving. I’ll talk more about the benefit, what happened and where your gifts are going in another post.


There are videos I was able to save from the broadcast. I was having trouble getting connected to the wi-fi in the beginning and had other technical problems. Unfortunately there is no recording of Bruce King’s wonderful performance with Doctor Dan on harmonica and Dennis Avery on Dobro. It was a great set that included Bruce’s version of my tune, Marriage of Convenience. Bruce is the only performer crazy enough to do one of my songs.

If I get a chance I may try to clean up the sound and attempt to fix the levels, shorten them to 15 minutes and repost them on YouTube. Unfortunately the microphone used for the webcast did not pick up the speaking portions very well.

GregAlexander-picGreg Alexander

OrlenGabriel-picOrlen & Gabriel with Dennis Avery on Dobro

Peter Lehndorff
Peter Lehndorff

Nields-picThe Nields

GrammerHenry-picJim Henry & Tracy Grammer

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