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April updates

 Website changes I have been busy with this and that. You may have noticed a different look to this website. I messed up the old website tinkering around with the code in WordPress. At the Luthier’s open mic, a great local photographer, Julian Parker-Burns shot me performing. That was a good excuse to change the look of it a little. I liked… Read more →

The UConn HD Symposium and other updates

The first week of October was fairly crazy. In the days following my music trip to Plymouth besides doing some design work and trying to deal with house and yard stuff I was pretty busy.  Hospice Memorial Service. On Tuesday, October 4, Mercy Hospice held a memorial service for all the patients and that had passed on during the previous year.… Read more →

Kathy’s reception

Kathy’s reception and life celebration. I loaded up the car with a few sculpture and furniture things on Friday night. Earlier that day I went to the library to double-check some things. I wanted to make sure the ConcertWindow streaming would work okay. And I wanted to make sure I knew how to use the video projector, DVD, and sound system… Read more →

Installing Kathy’s exhibit

I guess the biggest news is that I was able to install Kathy’s exhibit last Thursday and overall it looks good for a library show. But I know Kathy would be proud of it and probably embarrassed at the attention. Here are some photos of it. At the reception on September 17th, there will be a few sculptural items there… Read more →

Exhibition News: Wilbraham-Times article about Kathy’s art and the exhibit

The local weekly newspaper, the Wilbraham-Hampden Times just did a very nice article about Kathy, her art, and the exhibition. I thought I would share it: Hampden resident Peter Lehndorff is preparing to celebrate the artwork of his late wife Kathy at the Wil­braham Public Library during the month of September. Celebrating the art of Kathy Lehndorff Partial show proceeds… Read more →

The Huntington’s Waltz

CAREGIVING, MUSIC & LIFE: I started thinking about this song some time after Kathy passed away. At the caregivers support group at UConn, I mentioned how I wish I could “do something.” I was thinking I could be trained to run a support group or advise people. Now I realize that counseling should be done by counselors – with professional training.… Read more →

Updates: “Grievance” counselling and finding work

First some updates from my recent posts: I did have that appointment with my new Gastroenterologist. I have an appointment in late August for my Colonoscopy. Oh, joy! of joys. They had my records of ‘poor prep’ and gave me a new regime of a few extra steps to start a few days earlier than usual to clean myself out.… Read more →