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Gratitude to my friends

CAREGIVING & MUSIC: I wish I could reach out and give a virtual hug to everyone who is supporting us during our time with Huntington’s Disease. We had a very very successful benefit concert in Amherst thanks to the organizational efforts of Mike and Chris Orlen. Volunteers and donors from all over the Pioneer Valley pitched in to help. I… Read more →

Kathy’s Benefit

MUSIC: There are many people who could not get to the benefit concert in Amherst or were not free to watch on ConcertWindow as it was happening. It was a huge success and I was humbled by the love for Kathy that was shown and the respect that was shown for my caregiving. I’ll talk more about the benefit, what happened and… Read more →

Huntington’s Benefit: Web Broadcast

MUSIC: The benefit concert that Mike Orlen and my friends are giving for Kathy and our UConn Huntington’s Program will be web broadcast on a site called ConcertWindow.com. If you can’t make it to the actual concert in Amherst this Sunday, 7pm you can watch and hopefully donate online. The broadcast is “pay what you wish”. The new flyer about the show with… Read more →

A Benefit Concert for Kathy and the Huntington’s Clinic at UConn

MUSIC: I am humbled and grateful. Some of my musical friends are giving a concert to benefit Kathy and the Huntington’s Disease Program at UConn Health Center. That is where Kathy gets treated for HD (and I get support). The concert will be Sunday, July 27th at the Nacul Center, 592 Main Street, in Amherst, MA. Bruce King is a wonderful singer and guitarist. He holds the distinction… Read more →

Tonight I Wish: for our anniversary

MUSIC:  Our wedding anniversary is coming up on December 23. Kathy and I were married in 1977 in front of the Christmas tree at my parents house. I’m hoping we have a few more anniversaries together. This year because of Kathy’s Huntington’s Disease we won’t be going out to dinner. But I’ll probably have something delivered. Tonight I Wish was written… Read more →

A Marriage of Convenience

Originally posted at OpenSalon.com December 29, 2010 MUSIC:  In my little town of Hampden, there used to be a little Cumberland Farms variety store down on Main Street. Kathy and I would buy milk and ice cream there. It was a short walk with our basset hounds. I noticed that when this one kid was working, his girlfriend was always there… Read more →