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Weekend, Weakened, Weak end

CAREGIVING:  Thursday was forgettable, but in a good way. I can’t remember any major problems at least. Dilcia got confused about what day it was and forgot to come. I had planned to run to Stop & Shop to pick up Kathy’s refill of the Scopolamine patches but it could wait until Friday. I placed an order with Peapod so that Kathy would… Read more →

Hospice? Not so fast after all

CAREGIVING: Tuesday had been an emotional ride, what with Erica saying it was probably hospice-time; and realizing that Kathy was making her own decisions quite well. On Wednesday Hope came to give Kathy her shower and stay with her. Monday had been too tough for Kathy so she gave her a sponge bath.She really was due for a full shower.… Read more →

A Care Plan for Kathy

CAREGIVING:  It has been over a week and a half since my last blurb and a lot has happened. A lot is the same too. Random falls and close calls. Design work and lots of laundry. Last Monday Hope came to give Kathy her shower. We were waiting for a nurse from the same agency to come and create a… Read more →

April Falls Day

CAREGIVING:  Well, we had another episode of buckling today. I thought I had it all figured out: how to get Kathy out into the car and back into the house using the wheelchair. We had to go pick up some prescriptions at Stop & Shop and since it was really nice out I thought I would go today and bring… Read more →

Shopping: Peapod for Caregivers

CAREGIVING:   I would like to make grocery shopping less of a pain in the ass. There I said it. I actually like shopping and meal planning and cooking. But it is a major production when Kathy goes with me. Getting a Huntington’s disease patient back into the house when she is exhausted and bent over is pretty scary. I decided to… Read more →

Out to Lunch

LIFE: Today Kathy and I went out to lunch. To the average person, going out to eat is no big deal. But when you are taking care of someone with Huntington’s or dementia or any number of conditions, going out might be a challenge. Part of it is just fear of the unknown: Will feeding an adult in public make… Read more →