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Weather report

CAREGIVING: Sunday it rained like crazy. I watched the Patriot’s play Indianapolis later, but it was a “low biorhythm” day. For some reason a big weather change or passing front can give me a headache. It might be a change in the pressure that causes it. Beats me. I’m lucky it wasn’t snow. My snow blower is still sitting on the porch scaring the snow away. I… Read more →

Thanksgiving and other news

LIFE: Happy Black Friday. Saturday and Sunday! We survived the overhyped snowstorm on Wednesday and Thanksgiving was a fairly normal day. Betsy, our daytime aide, had the holiday off, but Pat came and got Kathy ready for bed. I shovelled as much as I could without killing myself. I need to keep the little parking area as clear as I can… Read more →

Some Updates

CAREGIVING: Today was “Columbus Day” here. Even though I am half Italian I don’t think Columbus warrants his own day for getting here after everybody else. I didn’t get the day off. Updates: Kathy seems to be doing pretty well – stable is the term. On Sunday, Pat washed her hair and I gave her a haircut. I clean her teeth twice… Read more →

First days home

CAREGIVING:   The first few days home were generally pretty good. I guess anything was better than pneumonia in the hospital. But this is still Huntington’s and we are biding time. The first morning was my first poop clean up since the feeding tube started. Took some getting used to but it wasn’t bad. Some of the neighbors called to… Read more →

InterCare and the Search for the Lost Cord

HOSPITAL / May 31st:  On Saturday morning Kathy’s condition seemed to have stabilized. Doctor Irani had given up on the idea of the temporary NG tube to feed her. The nurses and personal care aides were great. Naturally you always want an instant response to buzzes and beeps in your room, but the hospital is like a city that keeps… Read more →

and Two Steps Back

CAREGIVING:  It’s Friday night, and I finally can sit and try to get caught up a bit. Kathy is asleep — breathing well with the occasional cough. Marty is on his couch. I’m on mine. It is thundering out and pouring rain. One of the main reasons I feel a need to write this stuff down is that time flies – whether you… Read more →

Two Steps Sideways….

Saturday and Sunday seem normal (looking back from Tuesday at least.) Normal is a relative term around here. Saturday morning I got Kathy up, we danced to the commode and I cleaned her up. Really it was just changing a depends. I made her some french toast and she ate a slice or two. Pat came around noon and gave her a thorough bed bath. I… Read more →