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Finding a routine

I’m starting to think I have too many lists going. I need to list my lists. I use ‘Google Keep’ for some memos. But then I have a series of ‘Google Drive’ spreadsheets to remember my design projects and another for paying bills. ‘Google Keep’ is nice because it is synchronized on my phone, and on my computer. The problem… Read more →

Wednesday and Thursday: Goodbye

It has been over a week since Kathy passed away. I marked the actual time by having a glass of her wine out on our deck with Marty, my basset sitting on my feet. Don’t worry it was a small glass of wine. Marty and I had just finished mowing the leaves. Again. The leaves seem to keep falling whether… Read more →

The final decline

CAREGIVING: This is really a post about the week or so before Kathy passed away. I’m writing so I can remember. I need to go a few steps backward. Then maybe I can move forward. The indications were all there.  Kathy was starting to have digestion issues again. Besides having diarrhea, she was regurgitating food. She wasn’t vomiting but when… Read more →

House Call: Back from the Hospital

CAREGIVING:  Last Thursday my main task was to get Kathy back on hospice again. Because she went to the hospital for a procedure to “extend her life” – the feeding tube – she had to be discharged from Mercy Hospice. Now that she was back home she could be readmitted to hospice. I had called the hospice to let them… Read more →

Wednesday in the ER

CAREGIVING:  Last Wednesday started out kind of normal. Louise arrived to help wash Kathy and help me change her. Since she arrives at 10 am on Wednesdays, that gives me a chance to give her her medicine and clean her teeth. And to take a shower, myself. Kathy’s nights have been restful since the last scare. It was probably a… Read more →

Second thoughts; and third ones too

CAREGIVING:  This week was another wild ride emotionally. The big debate was whether Kathy should be taken to the hospital. I was having second thoughts and third thoughts and more. I mean, it isn’t like it is life or death…  Oh, wait it is. These are tough decisions, and probably some of the toughest ones you and I have to… Read more →