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Declining? (Part 2)

CAREGIVING: When we last checked in I was told Kathy was “declining.” That episode was probably related to medication issues – Atropine, in particular. By the next nursing visit, her vitals were pretty good. Unfortunately, caregiving is a rollercoaster. What goes up doesn’t keep going up. Each up is lower than the last up. You are lucky if you level out for a day. Or… Read more →

Feeding tube: plumbing hacks

CAREGIVING:  Last week Kathy’s feeding tube started acting up. Well, actually it has been a gradual thing. A few months ago I noticed the purple plug end of the tubing (coming from the feeding bag) was slipping out of her stomach port. I fixed that by lightly roughing-up the plug of each bag with a little piece of sandpaper. It is just enough to grip it… Read more →

Dodging a bullet

CAREGIVING: Sometimes it is hard to tell how things are going. I tend to write when things have levelled off rather than when there is a crisis. Things that would be a problem for someone else are things that I am used to in the ebb and flow of caregiving. The last few nights I was able to sleep in my bed… Read more →

Turning the other cheek-

CAREGIVING: Kathy has had some setbacks lately. Separated by a few days of normal. Followed by a false alarm. I guess I forgot to knock on wood. Keeping it Down: Last weekend it was a stomach issue. She kept regurgitating her feeding formula; or her meds and water; or both. That is dangerous because it can go back down into the lungs… Read more →

Easter weekend

CAREGIVING: It snowed for a few minutes on Easter. No one was surprised. I am usually the first person to make fun of the neighbors who leave their Christmas decorations up until Easter. But, this winter has been a good excuse for everyone. My snow blower is still sitting on the front porch. A few feet away, the daffodils are trying… Read more →

H is for hospice (and hump day)

CAREGIVING: The roller-coaster of care-giving continues on its merry way. I put off posting because Kathy was going to start getting hospice services a week or two ago. At least I thought so. I want Kathy to be comfortable. Apparently, they need to have a prognosis of six months before you start hospice. My guess is that it has something to do with money: insurance or MediCare. If you… Read more →

Another visit to the ER

CAREGIVING:  Friday started out pretty normal. We ended up making a trip to the hospital for a new feeding tube. Normal means I got to run out and buy Marty some dog food down at Brown’s, our local dog and feed store. Normal means on the way home I got a call from home that aide #2 had not arrived… Read more →