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Dodging a bullet

CAREGIVING: Sometimes it is hard to tell how things are going. I tend to write when things have levelled off rather than when there is a crisis. Things that would be a problem for someone else are things that I am used to in the ebb and flow of caregiving. The last few nights I was able to sleep in my bed… Read more →

Easter weekend

CAREGIVING: It snowed for a few minutes on Easter. No one was surprised. I am usually the first person to make fun of the neighbors who leave their Christmas decorations up until Easter. But, this winter has been a good excuse for everyone. My snow blower is still sitting on the front porch. A few feet away, the daffodils are trying… Read more →

Things are swell.

CAREGIVING: The goal with our hospice care is to keep Kathy comfortable. Hospice care (from a health care cost standpoint) is limited to Kathy’s actual “diagnosis” of end stage Huntington’s Disease. When something else pops up (blood pressure, infections etc.) there are “conversations” about what to do next. Or not. They will support whatever decision I make. But I have to make decisions on how far to… Read more →

Part 1: The Rabbi and the Traveller

A rabbi, a social worker and a minister walk into a house….. Mercy Hospice and other VNAs provide a lot of extra services besides skilled nursing. Annie, our nurse told me that the hospice chaplain and social worker would be paying us a visit. Medicare requires them to make a visit to see if there is anything we need. I asked if it was a… Read more →

H is for hospice (and hump day)

CAREGIVING: The roller-coaster of care-giving continues on its merry way. I put off posting because Kathy was going to start getting hospice services a week or two ago. At least I thought so. I want Kathy to be comfortable. Apparently, they need to have a prognosis of six months before you start hospice. My guess is that it has something to do with money: insurance or MediCare. If you… Read more →

Another visit to the ER

CAREGIVING:  Friday started out pretty normal. We ended up making a trip to the hospital for a new feeding tube. Normal means I got to run out and buy Marty some dog food down at Brown’s, our local dog and feed store. Normal means on the way home I got a call from home that aide #2 had not arrived… Read more →