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NERFA part2

(To read the first part of my first NERFA) Friday After breakfast, the workshops started. There were still folks registering for NERFA Vance Gilbert’s Collision Course (2nd attempt) I wanted to try Vance’s course again. This time I didn’t have a schedule conflict. He wanted to get as much in as possible. Since a bunch of people had heard the… Read more →

My first NERFA

The second weekend of November I attended NERFA (North East Regional Folk Alliance) for the first time. NERFA is a music business conference dedicated to folk music. As a newbie, I was surrounded in a hotel by over 600 other folkies, songwriters, DJs, pickers, percussionists, promoters, educators and general fans of folk.  Kathy and I went to two big Folk… Read more →

Have a great day!

With Kathy’s reception and Life Celebration completed, I had my first gig at Luthier’s coming up. Luthier’s (Easthampton, MA) is my musical home away from home. Many of the videos I post are from the open mic there. The community of friends I have there was the bedrock of my support while Kathy was sick with Huntington’s and the funeral… Read more →