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The “How I’m feeling” post

Writing. There are a number of reasons to keep a journal or to write stuff down. In the beginning, it was simply to remember what or when something happened. In my case, it really helps me process complicated feelings and to remember what I/we went through. When I stopped writing regularly I found myself being in a crappy mood every once… Read more →

When I’m 64

LIFE: On February 17th I turned 64. I’ve been waiting for that one Beatles song “When I’m 64” to actually apply to me. And I forgot about it: aka “senior moment.” Fortunately all of my friends on Facebook remembered it for me. Thanks to all of you, my friends and fauxs. Life never turns out exactly the way you imagined it… Read more →

Update on the Cheek

CAREGIVING:  I guess after Kathy’s most recent close call we all deserve an update. She is doing much, much better. The antibiotics did their job and her cheek went from grapefruit sized down to normal. Now we wait to see if the same infection comes back. I did learn a lot from the process. For one thing, just because you are… Read more →

Things are swell.

CAREGIVING: The goal with our hospice care is to keep Kathy comfortable. Hospice care (from a health care cost standpoint) is limited to Kathy’s actual “diagnosis” of end stage Huntington’s Disease. When something else pops up (blood pressure, infections etc.) there are “conversations” about what to do next. Or not. They will support whatever decision I make. But I have to make decisions on how far to… Read more →