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Getting back to normal (sort off)

CAREGIVING:  Yesterday Christina from Baystate VNA came for her weekly check on Kathy and to discharge her. Basically that means that Kathy’s condition after the hospital stay has stabilized. Her blood pressure and Oxygen levels are as good as new. I’m managing her feeding tube OK and keeping her throat free of mucus. Her diaper rash is getting better. And we have help… Read more →


HOSPITAL / June 4th & 5th:  The next two days were consumed with getting the house ready and making sure Kathy was ready for her return trip home. Her feeding rate was gradually increased from 25 ml/hour to 35 ml/hr until she was doing fine with 55 ml/hr. At the same time the nurses were training me to administer her meds… Read more →

and Two Steps Back

CAREGIVING:  It’s Friday night, and I finally can sit and try to get caught up a bit. Kathy is asleep — breathing well with the occasional cough. Marty is on his couch. I’m on mine. It is thundering out and pouring rain. One of the main reasons I feel a need to write this stuff down is that time flies – whether you… Read more →

Being your best advocate = squeaky wheel

CAREGIVING: I admit it. I appreciate all the kind comments about what I am doing and how I am doing. I’m grateful for all that support: from my family, Kathy’s family, my Facebook friends, my music friends and the different health aides and nurses the have walked through the door. I appreciate criticism too. Tuesday Kathy was visited by Susanne,… Read more →

New wheels

CAREGIVING: On Thursday Bob our new physical therapist came with a wheelchair expert named John to assess and hopefully get us a new chair for Kathy. The idea will be to convince Medicare, MassHealth (Medicaid) and probably Health New England (her Medicare Advantage plan) that it is a necessary piece of equipment due to her Huntington’s Disease. Best case is… Read more →

Physical Therapy

CAREGIVING: Monday was a good day in the scheme of things. Hardly any coughing. And Kathy was fairly mobile = less heavy lifting for me. I had been a little low on Sunday. I guess I was overwhelmed by everything I had to do. Kathy had had a minor accident (but a shower took care of that). I didn’t feel… Read more →