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Shouldering On

Shouldering on. My shoulder seems to be getting better, slowly. I think it is back to where it was before I stumbled at the bottom of the stairs. And crushed part of my guitar. That was actually the third time I have messed up my shoulder and rotator cuff. The first time was about 30 years ago when I slipped on the… Read more →

Updates: New Year’s

New Year. Looking back, there were a few times that Kathy and I went out and really celebrated the New Year. Most years we stayed home and had a glass of wine. We did go to an early First Night in Boston. That was probably 1975 or 1976. It was absolutely freezing but the program called for a midnight surprise at… Read more →

Reno / part 1: Hip hooray

Caregiving: I just got back from Reno on Tuesday, so I am still catching up with stuff. I was there for a week or so to help my sister Barbara recover from hip replacement surgery. There were a few moments when I started to wonder what they replaced it with. (Used parts?) But she is progressing really well, now. I was… Read more →

Using the Hoyer lift

CAREGIVING:  I wanted to show the process for getting Kathy into her wheelchair and back into bed. It is always easier when one of the aides helps out, but here are a few photos of the procedure. I used to use the Hoyer lift to go straight-ahead into the chair. But a physical therapist showed me how to lift her over… Read more →

the Followup Visit and other news

CAREGIVING: Yesterday was Kathy’s followup visit with Dr. Jackson, her new primary doctor at Riverbend. The ambulance guys arrived on time. It was drizzling a little. I guess the ambulances are all equipped differently. This one used a tiny “stair chair” that looked more like an uncomfortable beach chair than medical equipment. It was similar to this blue one except I… Read more →

Busy Friday

CAREGIVING: Friday was a busy day. It was Whitney’s first day back from her Arizona baseball vacation. Her father’s team played in a senior baseball tournament. Apparently, the coach left one pitcher in too long (11 walks) and they missed getting into the playoffs by one run. But, she had a lot of fun. As she was leaving Britney arrived to… Read more →

Sunday: More updates

CAREGIVING: I am starting this late Sunday night. Kathy had a less than perfect weekend. There were enough coughing spells and suctioning episodes, that I didn’t feel comfortable being too far away. I also assumed that the leaves aren’t going anywhere. They can wait. On Saturday, Kathy was actually coughing hard enough for some blood to come up. The first time… Read more →