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The Songwriter Who Went Under Cover

MUSIC:  My new covers album, The Songwriter Who Went Under Cover is now out. It is a benefit for the Huntington’s Disease Clinic at UConn where Kathy goes. It is available on Loudr.fm and at iTunes but will soon be available at Amazon and many other outlets. As I mentioned in a previous blurb, I think of myself as a… Read more →

Don’t Be Discouraged

MUSIC: After hearing and loving “From a Distance” by Julie Gold as sung by Nanci Griffith, I started out trying to write a positive, optimistic, uplifting song. This is background music to play while you are reading my last few caregiving blurbs. I failed. Sorry. This version of Don’t Be Discouraged was recorded in GarageBand, then brought into Logic. I created… Read more →

Tonight I Wish: for our anniversary

MUSIC:  Our wedding anniversary is coming up on December 23. Kathy and I were married in 1977 in front of the Christmas tree at my parents house. I’m hoping we have a few more anniversaries together. This year because of Kathy’s Huntington’s Disease we won’t be going out to dinner. But I’ll probably have something delivered. Tonight I Wish was written… Read more →

The Band in the Attic: Mustang midi controller

MUSIC:  I’m a guitarist. I really stink on the piano and have never had the money to get an actual keyboard to add other instruments to my tracks. So this was the next best thing. This is a video to demonstrate how I use a video game controller, The Rock Band Mustang Pro controller to build midi tracks like piano… Read more →