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Shouldering On

Shouldering on. My shoulder seems to be getting better, slowly. I think it is back to where it was before I stumbled at the bottom of the stairs. And crushed part of my guitar. That was actually the third time I have messed up my shoulder and rotator cuff. The first time was about 30 years ago when I slipped on the… Read more →

A new year

LIFE: Well the New Year has come and gone. The Christmas decorations have been put away. The lights are coiled up and put away. I’m making new file folders for receipts and filing  the old stuff for taxes. Kathy’s health records and hospice info is in a file box. Sympathy and Christmas cards have been put away. I seem to be… Read more →

Obituary Sunday

Kathy’s obituary was in the paper last Sunday, October 18th. I was wondering if it would make me sad, but it was okay. I thought it was expensive. But, 1. there was nothing I could do about it. 2. Obits keep the newspapers in business. And 3. the one thing I wanted to accomplish was to let people know about Kathy’s… Read more →