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A new year

LIFE: Well the New Year has come and gone. The Christmas decorations have been put away. The lights are coiled up and put away. I’m making new file folders for receipts and filing  the old stuff for taxes. Kathy’s health records and hospice info is in a file box. Sympathy and Christmas cards have been put away. I seem to be… Read more →

Getting recertified for hospice

CAREGIVING: Recertification is one of those things that I am glad I can worry about it. Kathy is doing well enough that she needs to be recertified to continue with hospice care. Medicare pays for hospice, but the general rule of thumb is that since it is end of life, comfort care it is restricted. In other words they want to make… Read more →

New wheels

CAREGIVING: On Thursday Bob our new physical therapist came with a wheelchair expert named John to assess and hopefully get us a new chair for Kathy. The idea will be to convince Medicare, MassHealth (Medicaid) and probably Health New England (her Medicare Advantage plan) that it is a necessary piece of equipment due to her Huntington’s Disease. Best case is… Read more →

The Way It Is

CAREGIVING: This afternoon Jennifer from Greater Springfield Senior Services (GSSSI) visited to talk about how things were going and  to line up more help for Kathy. I had just hung up the phone with Louis & Clark, the medical supply firm that had provided the transport chair. They were having trouble getting reimbursed from Health New England (Kathy’s Medicare Advantage insurance)… Read more →