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Friday Updates: Kathy

CAREGIVING:  There have been a lot of changes around here. I should probably write them down before I disremember them. I got a little sidetracked by those ladybugs trying to find a warm home for the winter (Kathy’s lungs). First things first. Kathy is still doing OK. No major changes. Our new visiting nurse feels like everyone is doing a good job.… Read more →

The Feeding Tube

CAREGIVING: I’ve wanted to do a post about stomach tube feeding for quite a while. It is one of those topics that some of us have strong opinions about: pro and con. Most studies say that tube feeding does not prolong life or eliminate the possibility of aspiration pneumonia. And eating food is one of those activities that we all enjoy. So this post… Read more →

Getting back to normal (sort off)

CAREGIVING:  Yesterday Christina from Baystate VNA came for her weekly check on Kathy and to discharge her. Basically that means that Kathy’s condition after the hospital stay has stabilized. Her blood pressure and Oxygen levels are as good as new. I’m managing her feeding tube OK and keeping her throat free of mucus. Her diaper rash is getting better. And we have help… Read more →

Getting back into a schedule

CAREGIVING: The following few weeks in June had their ups and downs but at least it wasn’t the roller coaster that it was when Kathy was in the hospital. There is a routine that we got into and although there are always changes and tweaks, a schedule helps a Huntington’s Disease patient. It is one less thing to get anxious about,… Read more →

First days home

CAREGIVING:   The first few days home were generally pretty good. I guess anything was better than pneumonia in the hospital. But this is still Huntington’s and we are biding time. The first morning was my first poop clean up since the feeding tube started. Took some getting used to but it wasn’t bad. Some of the neighbors called to… Read more →

TGIF? Coming Home

HOME /  June 6th:  Friday morning was an anxious time. I wanted to be with Kathy, but had to be here to direct everything. A guy from Baystate Infusion called about delivering the suction machine and then someone called about the feeding pump and supplies and wanted to make sure some one was home. They called from the hospital and… Read more →

We’re sending Kathy home, today. Huh?

HOSPITAL / June 5th: In the morning, before I went to my doctor’s appointment, I got a call from the discharge case manager at Baystate. “We are trying to arrange to send Kathy home today, Thursday. ” I said,”Huh? What about the rehab place?” “No rehab. Dr. Kampe talked with Physical Therapy and they said she is good to go home.”… Read more →