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Dodging a bullet

CAREGIVING: Sometimes it is hard to tell how things are going. I tend to write when things have levelled off rather than when there is a crisis. Things that would be a problem for someone else are things that I am used to in the ebb and flow of caregiving. The last few nights I was able to sleep in my bed… Read more →

Update: Club meds

CAREGIVING:  Sorry I’ve been scarce lately. Some friends have contacted me worried – expecting the worst – because I haven’t been blogging lately. Actually things with Kathy have been OK. There are some rough moments for sure, but overall she seems stable and content. I’ve been adjusting the timing of her meds, so she isn’t quite as sleepy during the day. One of her meds, a… Read more →

Getting back into a schedule

CAREGIVING: The following few weeks in June had their ups and downs but at least it wasn’t the roller coaster that it was when Kathy was in the hospital. There is a routine that we got into and although there are always changes and tweaks, a schedule helps a Huntington’s Disease patient. It is one less thing to get anxious about,… Read more →