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“…intelligent lyrical vignettes of everyday life and the comical trappings of suburbia
delivered with an acute sense of comedic timing.” 

—The Springfield (MA) Union-News

I can be reached at 413.233.8348 or at for more information or booking. Since I am trying to rebuild my performing career, I would be happy to discuss any possibilities: opening slots, songwriter circles, humor nights or programs combining music with education about Huntington’s Disease.



PETER LEHNDORFF writes folk and jazz songs about everyday life. Some are humorous. Some are serious. They are observations about the things that happen to him and the stuff he sees. There are stories about cars; what he eats; and the places he has lived.

Caregiving. For several years, Peter stopped performing. He was his late wife Kathy’s full-time caregiver as she battled Huntington’s Disease, the genetic brain disease that took the life of Woody Guthrie. He continued writing songs and recording them in his attic. Music is part of his therapy and part of his journey.

Awards. Back in the late 90s, he appeared at coffee houses and venues throughout New England. He was a finalist in the Boston Acoustic Underground competition and performed on three of the Folk Next Door concert compilations at the University of Hartford CT. His disc, Love on the Line received a great deal of airplay on college and public radio. Several of his car related tunes were on NPR’s “CarTalk” radio show. His song, Peugeot was included on one of their compilation CDs. He shared the stage with many artists from the late Bill Morrissey and Robert Earl Keen to Arlo Guthrie and Dar Williams.

Seriously. In addition to his slice of life songs, Peter is now mixing the funny with the serious; the romantic with the eccentric. It reflects his recent experiences. His song The Huntington’s Waltz is an imaginary goodbye from someone with dementia. Some of his more recent songs feature old friends like Tracy Grammer and Jim Henry.

Music Downloads        

Everything Takes Longer is “hilarious”… “Imagine Sam Elliot or Nick Nolte singing a tune written by Nick Drake and Carlos Jobim and you’ll get the picture – a gem.”
—New England Performer Magazine

“Like the best of them,
Lehndorff uses humor to point out life’s little truths.

— Dave Perry, Lowell (MA) Sun

“Peter Lehndorff has established his own voice, his own good-natured wonder at the all-too-visible mysteries of this modern world.”
— Jim Foley, KXCI-FM Tuscon (AZ)

“His lyrics are wry but have an honest,
lived-in, everyday quality.

Lehndorff’s not a wise guy, but a man with a keen sense of what is both weird and touching in our shared human experience.”

—Dwight Thurston,WWUH-FM Hartford (CT)

“Tom Lehrer with chops.”
— John McLaughlin, WESU-FM, Ohio

The One-Sheet

This is a link to a downloadable ‘one-sheet’ that explains a bit about me in on one page. Tricky name huh? onesheet017


East Longmeadow is
“a tongue-in-cheek anthem to suburbia.”

—Dirty Linen Magazine


Sing-along lyric sheets

If you are going to sing you might want the words. sing-along 2016

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