My name is Peter Lehndorff and
I am addicted to graphic design.

There I said it.

I started out planning to be a photojournalist when I went to Syracuse University. My photography teachers thought I was a little too artsy to take news photographs. I kept on adding letters and words to my artwork, paintings, photos, and prints.

Once I shifted into art I wanted to create practical art. I worked for several years in newspaper layout, design, and illustration. I enjoyed helping to tell a story with graphics or drawings. I believe that is what I do now.

When I lived in Colorado I was able to make the shift to graphic design. I began working on a variety of projects. In addition to printed menus, brochures, and advertising I began working on packages, displays, and building signage.

I have been using computers for design since 1985. I was an early adopter of the beige Macintosh computers that had a whopping 512K of memory! I do almost everything on computers. Or on my iPad. And sometimes on my phone. But everything I do is based on traditional methods and proportions.  Although I have fun doing what I do, I am not a crazy artist. I like to be able to read type. Some of my work has won awards but most of it is good solid stuff that was done to do a job. And keep on doing it. Whether it was written on a typewriter, created on a computer, or sketched on a napkin.

I also do a fair amount of nuts and bolts production work. So, don’t be shy about asking.

Let me know what you think. Thanks for taking a look!


My design awards include Graphis Logos, Type Directors Club, Art Directors Club of Denver, Tulsa Art Directors, and others.