The time between Barbara’s passing and her celebration of life/memorial gave us enough time to plan something nice. But not the time to overthink it. When she was in hospice we were talking about a date in May. But by the time I returned to Hampden the new date was moved up a month to April 2nd. There were emails back and… Read more →

Getting back to life

I have put off writing about my sister, Barbara because it was hard to go through it again. She passed away on March 3. I found out about it from a text message when I woke up that morning. There was no point in going back to the hospital. Connie and her husband cleared her personal belongings and all the… Read more →

Upcoming adventures

I am in the process of starting an actual email list for music (probably with Mail Chimp). Many folks are following this blog for other reasons: Huntington’s Disease, caregiving, aging etc. In a perfect world, I might have separate personal, music and graphics blogs. But, I can barely keep track of anything. I’ll let you know. And no, I won’t… Read more →

Shouldering On

Shouldering on. My shoulder seems to be getting better, slowly. I think it is back to where it was before I stumbled at the bottom of the stairs. And crushed part of my guitar. That was actually the third time I have messed up my shoulder and rotator cuff. The first time was about 30 years ago when I slipped on the… Read more →

Updates: New Year’s

New Year. Looking back, there were a few times that Kathy and I went out and really celebrated the New Year. Most years we stayed home and had a glass of wine. We did go to an early First Night in Boston. That was probably 1975 or 1976. It was absolutely freezing but the program called for a midnight surprise at… Read more →

A White Cat and Christmas loss

I was all set to talk about my second Christmas. How I seem to be doing okay this second Christmas after Kathy passed away from Huntington’s Disease. About how I got myself a few presents in December like a mattress and a new phone. About how I got to spend part of Christmas eve day with my childhood friend Tony, from… Read more →