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The HD Garbage Walk

On Sunday I went to my first HD Garbage Walk. The official title is the Arlo Guthrie’s Historic Garbage Trail Walk to Massacree HD. It travels 6.3 miles in Stockbridge and Great Barrington, Massachusetts made famous by his song & movie, Alice’s Restaurant. I almost went last year. Kathy’s passing seemed too fresh I guess. I had gone to the open… Read more →

Playing at The Bitter End

My Facebook friends are usually the first to know when I have a musical adventure or gig of some kind. I don’t agonize over grammar or punctuation on social media as much as I should. I post. Therefore, I am. Feel free to join Peter Lehndorff’s Music at facebook.com/standupfolk/.  I’m just beginning to use Instagram, but I use Facebook more to let people know when and where… Read more →

The Holidays

LIFE: The holidays can be a tough time after the loss of a loved one. Each event or holiday will be a first for me. Our wedding anniversary is coming up a few days before Christmas. Christmas eve and Christmas day will all give me a chance to reflect on my life with Kathy. I’ve continued going to my two support groups at… Read more →

Gratitude to my friends

CAREGIVING & MUSIC: I wish I could reach out and give a virtual hug to everyone who is supporting us during our time with Huntington’s Disease. We had a very very successful benefit concert in Amherst thanks to the organizational efforts of Mike and Chris Orlen. Volunteers and donors from all over the Pioneer Valley pitched in to help. I… Read more →

Woody Guthrie at Greystone

MUSIC: This is an interesting short film about Woody Guthrie’s years with Huntington’s Disease, when he was a patient at Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital in Morris Plains, New Jersey. He was picked up by the police and misdiagnosed as having schizophrenia. A similar diagnosis was given to Kathy’s mom in Florida, but at least in Woody’s case they figured out it was… Read more →

A few thoughts on Pete Seeger

MUSIC: Pete Seeger passed away last night. Fortunately he lived long enough to miss the Grammy’s. I hate to think of what they would have done as a tribute to him. A techno, hip-hop, country medley of Pete’s songs. Do we really need a rap version of Where have all the flowers gone? Well played, Pete. I’ve always been a… Read more →

HD-TV: Art Imitates Life

CAREGIVING: Last night we were watching TV. Our usual routine is to watch the news (MSNBC or CNN) before dinner. Then we watch something entertaining on our Roku box before I clean Kathy’s teeth and get her into bed. We got caught up on all the back seasons of Downton Abbey and Foyle’s War that way. We have been watching… Read more →