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CAREGIVING:  I’m writing this from Kathy’s hospital room. On Tuesday we got up as usual and Kathy was coughing and couldn’t really eat or drink much of anything. I had figured out that I could get her to take her meds by breaking them up into small pieces and putting them in a little applesauce. Unfortunately the combination of insufficient fluids,… Read more →

Memorial Day Parade in Hampden

LIFE: There are very few advantages to having a house a foot and a half from Main Street. In fact, according to a recent survey we did, our porch is not even on our property. The porch does give us a reviewing stand for the Town of Hampden Memorial Day Parade — our big event. The parade always departs the Catholic church parking… Read more →

Woody Guthrie at Greystone

MUSIC: This is an interesting short film about Woody Guthrie’s years with Huntington’s Disease, when he was a patient at Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital in Morris Plains, New Jersey. He was picked up by the police and misdiagnosed as having schizophrenia. A similar diagnosis was given to Kathy’s mom in Florida, but at least in Woody’s case they figured out it was… Read more →

and Two Steps Back

CAREGIVING:  It’s Friday night, and I finally can sit and try to get caught up a bit. Kathy is asleep — breathing well with the occasional cough. Marty is on his couch. I’m on mine. It is thundering out and pouring rain. One of the main reasons I feel a need to write this stuff down is that time flies – whether you… Read more →

Being your best advocate = squeaky wheel

CAREGIVING: I admit it. I appreciate all the kind comments about what I am doing and how I am doing. I’m grateful for all that support: from my family, Kathy’s family, my Facebook friends, my music friends and the different health aides and nurses the have walked through the door. I appreciate criticism too. Tuesday Kathy was visited by Susanne,… Read more →

Weekend, Weakened, Weak end

CAREGIVING:  Thursday was forgettable, but in a good way. I can’t remember any major problems at least. Dilcia got confused about what day it was and forgot to come. I had planned to run to Stop & Shop to pick up Kathy’s refill of the Scopolamine patches but it could wait until Friday. I placed an order with Peapod so that Kathy would… Read more →

Wednesday: The Cavalry Returns

CAREGIVING: Whattaday. Wednesday is usually the day that Hope comes in the morning and stays for over four hours. This gives her more time to give Kathy a shower and then gives me time to get away. I was hoping to go shopping at Aldi’s to stock up on stuff. Things got off to a rocky start. But they ended… Read more →