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Medicine for Phlemergencies: Plan B

CAREGIVING:  A few weeks ago we noticed Kathy’s blood pressure was running very low. So, it seemed logical that we should cut back her blood pressure medicine (Propranolol). We were also adjusting some of her other meds. Scopolamine redo: Kathy’s coughing and lung secretions seem to be bothering her more. It is very common in late-stage Huntington’s Disease. One of her nurses suggested giving the Scopolamine Patch another… Read more →

Hospice? Not so fast after all

CAREGIVING: Tuesday had been an emotional ride, what with Erica saying it was probably hospice-time; and realizing that Kathy was making her own decisions quite well. On Wednesday Hope came to give Kathy her shower and stay with her. Monday had been too tough for Kathy so she gave her a sponge bath.She really was due for a full shower.… Read more →

“You are there.” The Truth Is Tough to Swallow

CAREGIVING:  Erica the speech therapist came for another visit to check Kathy’s swallowing on Tuesday (4/29). It was one of Kathy’s bad days. There was more congestion from fluid, and we made the mistake of testing her swallowing while she was lounging on the futon. Her body was not in the best position. We had already eaten breakfast so Kathy was already… Read more →