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Barbara’s Celebration

A month has passed since the Celebration of Life for my sister Barbara King. Time moves on and as much as I may wish people would stop dying or moving or getting sick, it just means I have to make the most out of what is still there. The actual celebration was held at UNR (the¬†University of Nevada, Reno) on… Read more →

Reno / Part 4: Update (and an unposted post)

I thought I had finished this blurb and posted it. But it is a good time to update anyway. Barbara ended up developing an infection so at this writing she is getting intensive antibiotics back at the hospital. They are not really sure where it came from, or what caused it, but it could have been something she already had.… Read more →

Reno / part 2: A Tail of Two Pets

Chester: The first thing that came up when I got to Barbara’s house on that Sunday was that she had decided to have her beloved cat, Chester put to sleep the next day. Chester was resting on her lap as he always did. He was such a good cat but he was very old and getting very sick. He was… Read more →

Reno / part 1: Hip hooray

Caregiving: I just got back from Reno on Tuesday, so I am still catching up with stuff. I was there for a week or so to help my sister Barbara recover from hip replacement surgery. There were a few moments when I¬†started to wonder what they replaced it with. (Used parts?) But she is progressing really well, now. I was… Read more →