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March (what was left of it)

The rest of March was busy. In addition to getting ready for the memorial in Reno, the new refrigerator was coming, I had a fair amount of design work, yard work and decluttering work. And I was still had remnants of a cough I had in February. And I had more music stuff I wanted to go to if I could.… Read more →

The “How I’m feeling” post

Writing. There are a number of reasons to keep a journal or to write stuff down. In the beginning, it was simply to remember what or when something happened. In my case, it really helps me process complicated feelings and to remember what I/we went through. When I stopped writing regularly I found myself being in a crappy mood every once… Read more →

Wednesday in the ER

CAREGIVING:  Last Wednesday started out kind of normal. Louise arrived to help wash Kathy and help me change her. Since she arrives at 10 am on Wednesdays, that gives me a chance to give her her medicine and clean her teeth. And to take a shower, myself. Kathy’s nights have been restful since the last scare. It was probably a… Read more →

Another visit to the ER

CAREGIVING:  Friday started out pretty normal. We ended up making a trip to the hospital for a new feeding tube. Normal means I got to run out and buy Marty some dog food down at Brown’s, our local dog and feed store. Normal means on the way home I got a call from home that aide #2 had not arrived… Read more →

the Followup Visit and other news

CAREGIVING: Yesterday was Kathy’s followup visit with Dr. Jackson, her new primary doctor at Riverbend. The ambulance guys arrived on time. It was drizzling a little. I guess the ambulances are all equipped differently. This one used a tiny “stair chair” that looked more like an uncomfortable beach chair than medical equipment. It was similar to this blue one except I… Read more →