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Five Wishes

CAREGIVING:  On Wednesday afternoon after the palliative care nurses left, I went over some more parts of Five Wishes, an advanced directive plan or living will. I’m sure there are a million living-will forms on-line but this is the one I found years ago. At the time that we started this, Kathy had not been diagnosed with Huntington’s Disease although I suspected she… Read more →

“You are there.” The Truth Is Tough to Swallow

CAREGIVING:  Erica the speech therapist came for another visit to check Kathy’s swallowing on Tuesday (4/29). It was one of Kathy’s bad days. There was more congestion from fluid, and we made the mistake of testing her swallowing while she was lounging on the futon. Her body was not in the best position. We had already eaten breakfast so Kathy was already… Read more →

A visit from the copyright police

MUSIC:  I admit it. I have always been paranoid about recording “covers” of other people’s songs. Unless you have permission in writing; or have paid a licensing fee to do them; there is always a chance that someone will complain. Or worse. The copyright police will come for you. That is one good reason why I write my own songs.… Read more →

The Songwriter Who Went Under Cover

MUSIC:  My new covers album, The Songwriter Who Went Under Cover is now out. It is a benefit for the Huntington’s Disease Clinic at UConn where Kathy goes. It is available on Loudr.fm and at iTunes but will soon be available at Amazon and many other outlets. As I mentioned in a previous blurb, I think of myself as a… Read more →

I Think I’ve Got It

Originally posted on OpenSalon.com March 12, 2011 MUSIC:  In my day job a do a lot of graphic work for health care providers, like doctors and hospitals. I do ads and brochures and logos. But I am also really interested in health, wellness, and medicine. And health reform. My dad was a doctor and my mom was a nurse, so… Read more →