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Updates: New Year’s

New Year. Looking back, there were a few times that Kathy and I went out and really celebrated the New Year. Most years we stayed home and had a glass of wine. We did go to an early First Night in Boston. That was probably 1975 or 1976. It was absolutely freezing but the program called for a midnight surprise at… Read more →

Life is in the cards

LIFE:  The last week or so has been an interesting journey – literally and figuratively. Christmas was okay and our (would’ve been) 38th anniversary, December 23rd, worked out to be an adventure. I was feeling a tad sad, off and on, leading up to our anniversary. In the early stages of Huntington’s Disease, the holidays were rough on Kathy (and… Read more →

The Holidays

LIFE: The holidays can be a tough time after the loss of a loved one. Each event or holiday will be a first for me. Our wedding anniversary is coming up a few days before Christmas. Christmas eve and Christmas day will all give me a chance to reflect on my life with Kathy. I’ve continued going to my two support groups at… Read more →

Giving Thanks

I have so much to be thankful for… …it is hard to know where to even begin. First and foremost I had a great life with Kathy. It was “a good run” as they say. She got to spend the rest of her days on her terms, in her house and left with a smile on her face. And I… Read more →

Some Updates

CAREGIVING: Today was “Columbus Day” here. Even though I am half Italian I don’t think Columbus warrants his own day for getting here after everybody else. I didn’t get the day off. Updates: Kathy seems to be doing pretty well – stable is the term. On Sunday, Pat washed her hair and I gave her a haircut. I clean her teeth twice… Read more →

Memorial Day Parade in Hampden

LIFE: There are very few advantages to having a house a foot and a half from Main Street. In fact, according to a recent survey we did, our porch is not even on our property. The porch does give us a reviewing stand for the Town of Hampden Memorial Day Parade — our big event. The parade always departs the Catholic church parking… Read more →

Tonight I Wish: for our anniversary

MUSIC:  Our wedding anniversary is coming up on December 23. Kathy and I were married in 1977 in front of the Christmas tree at my parents house. I’m hoping we have a few more anniversaries together. This year because of Kathy’s Huntington’s Disease we won’t be going out to dinner. But I’ll probably have something delivered. Tonight I Wish was written… Read more →