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Marty goes to the spa

CAREGIVING: Thursday Kathy has been sleeping pretty well on the pillar of pillows. Kind of like the princess and the pea story. She has a lot of congestion when she is getting ready for bed. And I can hear it when I’m close to her and working on her teeth. But sleeping upright really helps a lot. I woke her up… Read more →

Check-up and Cooking with Su

CAREGIVING:  Wednesday Kathy has a check-up at her doctor’s office. I got her up a little too late. It takes so long to do things, and get places. A step for you and I might cover 10 or 12 inches. But it is a lot of effort for Kathy’s foot to move 1/4 of an inch most days. I gave her… Read more →

A Regular Sunday: Shopping and Football

CAREGIVING:  I can’t remember when we started grocery shopping on Sunday but it has been our routine for a few years at least. Sometimes we would go out for breakfast on the way for our weekly egg and homefry fix. Now we can’t really go out to eat anymore since Kathy needs so much help feeding herself. But that’s OK… Read more →

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving

CAREGIVING:  This was a really tough morning. Kathy is still zonked by whatever she has. I called and cancelled her physical therapy and the home health aide even though I could have used the help. Kathy slept until around 9:30. I tried to give her a shower but she had absolutely no body strength to help move herself. She really… Read more →

The United Nations of health aides

CAREGIVING:  Tuesday morning Melissa, an aide from the VNA came to give Kathy a shower and help her get dressed. She comes twice a week, the other days I take care of the showers etc. and all the personal care stuff. I had Melissa wear a mask while she was here so she wouldn’t get whatever it was. We decided… Read more →


CAREGIVING:  Kathy never gets sick. Not everyday sick. Granted she has a terminal disease but she doesn’t groan or complain about aches and pains. No colds. But she has what sounds like congestion in her lungs. It shows up mostly at night, after we eat and after we try to get her to swallow her meds and supplements. It has… Read more →

I Think I’ve Got It

Originally posted on OpenSalon.com March 12, 2011 MUSIC:  In my day job a do a lot of graphic work for health care providers, like doctors and hospitals. I do ads and brochures and logos. But I am also really interested in health, wellness, and medicine. And health reform. My dad was a doctor and my mom was a nurse, so… Read more →