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It all Depends on the day

UPDATE: I just thought I should update that, as predicted, today was a little better than Friday. The new health aide that will be giving Kathy showers on weekends came to get acquainted. Her name is Pat and she has actually had some work experience with Huntington’s Disease. A nurse named George came to set up the care plan for Pat.… Read more →

Experimenting with Drugs

CAREGIVING:  I have been experimenting with drugs. No, I’m not taking recreational drugs. I’ve been attempting to dial back some of the meds I have been giving Kathy for her Huntington’s and her blood pressure. My concern and actually the concern of her doctors is that her blood pressure may be getting too low. I’m thinking (always dangerous, I know)… Read more →

The Way It Is

CAREGIVING: This afternoon Jennifer from Greater Springfield Senior Services (GSSSI) visited to talk about how things were going and  to line up more help for Kathy. I had just hung up the phone with Louis & Clark, the medical supply firm that had provided the transport chair. They were having trouble getting reimbursed from Health New England (Kathy’s Medicare Advantage insurance)… Read more →

A Creative Mammogram

CAREGIVING:  I went to my first mammogram today. Well Kathy went for a mammogram, but I was there to help, dressed in lead. I’m not really sure why a radiology office would not be prepared for women in wheelchairs. Women still need mammograms.  Because we didn’t have a chair with dropping arm rests, it was almost a wasted trip. You… Read more →

Time Flies

CAREGIVING: It seems like another week has slipped by but maybe that’s a good thing. No major calamities but there is always stuff to work on. I installed another grab bar in the living room. And I put away the rest of the Christmas stuff. One important thing is I’ll be adjusting Kathy’s meds this week. I always keep a… Read more →

Tonight I Wish: for our anniversary

MUSIC:  Our wedding anniversary is coming up on December 23. Kathy and I were married in 1977 in front of the Christmas tree at my parents house. I’m hoping we have a few more anniversaries together. This year because of Kathy’s Huntington’s Disease we won’t be going out to dinner. But I’ll probably have something delivered. Tonight I Wish was written… Read more →

Tough Pills to Swallow

CAREGIVING:  One part of Kathy’s Huntington’s Disease that is a constant battle is choking and swallowing problems. Actually Aspiration Pneumonia is the most common complication that results in death in late stage HD. Patients get a fatal infection from unintentionally inhaling a piece of food. ¹  Kathy is still middle stage (more or less) but it is still scary. The biggest problem… Read more →