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Cough. I think I’ve got it

I’m gradually getting over a bout of bronchitis. I managed to skip over the typical cold and went right to a cough. Or something like that. I know exactly when and where I caught “it” too. March 7. I went over to my friend Charlie’s house to practice for our open mic outings. He said he felt like he was… Read more →

Pretty good Saturday

I had a pretty good weekend. I’ve mentioned to more than a few people that Saturday’s are tougher on me for some reason. It was always a day when Kathy and I would do a lot of chores and routine stuff. Going to the dump. Recycling. Sometimes shopping. Working in the yard. Laundry. They were not always pleasant either. Sometimes… Read more →

Dust My Room

CAREGIVING: Thursday Dilcia came back today after a two-week absence. She comes on Thursdays, so she was off on Thanksgiving. Then she was sick last week after and they frown upon sending sneezing workers into the homes of vulnerable seniors held together with duct tape. So the house needed her cleaning attention. I try to keep up with it and Melissa usually… Read more →

The Mystery of Red Teeth

CAREGIVING: Saturday afternoon Kathy was trying to rest. She told me she didn’t feel like having me brush her teeth right away. She started coughing like crazy, though. It sounded awful — like she was drowning. I got her to sit up and gave her more and more cough medicine and eventually it stopped. I went back to whatever it… Read more →

Marty goes to the spa

CAREGIVING: Thursday Kathy has been sleeping pretty well on the pillar of pillows. Kind of like the princess and the pea story. She has a lot of congestion when she is getting ready for bed. And I can hear it when I’m close to her and working on her teeth. But sleeping upright really helps a lot. I woke her up… Read more →

the Pillar of Pillows — Foe of Phlem

CAREGIVING:  Monday Kathy was pretty miserable with her chest congestion and coughing so I cancelled the physical therapist. I tried to get caught up with some of my design work but I got so sidetracked with things here I forgot to send some work I had finished, in to my client. I don’t think I left the house except to go… Read more →

A Regular Sunday: Shopping and Football

CAREGIVING:  I can’t remember when we started grocery shopping on Sunday but it has been our routine for a few years at least. Sometimes we would go out for breakfast on the way for our weekly egg and homefry fix. Now we can’t really go out to eat anymore since Kathy needs so much help feeding herself. But that’s OK… Read more →