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More Updates: Putting the Oy in Joy

December had its ups and downs as you will see. As part of my open-mic therapy tour, I signed up for spots at two Boston area clubs: The Lizard Lounge in Cambridge; and The Burren in Somerville. In between I wanted to go to the Infinity Hall open mic again and probably something local with Charlie. Lizard Lounge Open Mic… Read more →

The Holidays

LIFE: The holidays can be a tough time after the loss of a loved one. Each event or holiday will be a first for me. Our wedding anniversary is coming up a few days before Christmas. Christmas eve and Christmas day will all give me a chance to reflect on my life with Kathy. I’ve continued going to my two support groups at… Read more →

Balancing Act

CAREGIVING:  Christmas Eve. Well I managed to get Kathy into her Christmas pajamas and into bed, but once again it was touch and go. I guess touch and stumble is more like it. She didn’t fall but it takes all of our collective strength to keep her upright and somewhat mobile. She does better when she gets plenty of resting… Read more →

Oh Babe, I Just Found Some Grey Hair

MUSIC:  Since I am in an anniversary week, I thought I would post another song. I really don’t write that many serious songs but Oh Babe was written for one of our early anniversaries. I finished it by our fifth. We were living in Boulder at the time and when we first got there, we were just getting by. Rents were… Read more →

Drool Tide Greetings

MUSIC:  With Kathys health occupying me so much, I haven’t done anything about Christmas yet. No cards this year. I thought about sending a belated Christmas card I had designed but decided not to use it. We got the chairlift for Christmas and that is an excellent present! And we are still doing pretty good so I have a lot… Read more →

Christmas @ YOUR house

Originally posted on OpenSalon.com  March, 2011 MUSIC:  I like Christmas as much as most people. I think. And I think the goal of keeping Christmas in our hearts the whole year round, is a nice touchy-feely goal. But do we have to keep Christmas ON our houses the whole year round? I know the winter was rough. Here in Western Massachusetts we were hammered… Read more →

Santa, Did You Lose My List

Originally posted in OpenSalon.com December 31, 2010 MUSIC:  I hope everyone got everything they asked for this Christmas. Once again I didn’t. I hate to complain but what’s with that guy. I don’t have a chimney but still…. Actually this started out as another song “Please Mr. Squirrel, Don’t Eat All My Granola” but I was asked to contribute a song… Read more →