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Widower’s Benefits

I still don’t call myself a “widower.” It doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. If someone seems really interested I tell them my wife passed away. This post is about Social Security Survivors Benefits. A friend mentioned it to me and I thought I should look into it. (Standard disclaimer here: I’m not a professional accountant, advisor, lawyer doctor or social… Read more →

Pressing forward

The Wilbraham-Hampden Times did a nice article about Kathy and my fundraiser. We are now at 80% of the initial goal! Thanks to everyone. Remembering Kathy Lehndorff   Fundraiser ongoing to exhibit artist’s work By Tyler S. Witkop, Turley Publications Staff Writer HAMPDEN – A lifelong artist, Kathy Lehndorff had the creative touch. Now her husband and caregiver Peter is borrowing… Read more →

Giving Thanks

I have so much to be thankful for… …it is hard to know where to even begin. First and foremost I had a great life with Kathy. It was “a good run” as they say. She got to spend the rest of her days on her terms, in her house and left with a smile on her face. And I… Read more →


I have been dealing with an accumulation of stuff. Over 60 years worth of stuff. Stuff can be all kinds of stuff. Some of it is mental stuff. Some of it is just stuff-stuff. Some of the physical stuff, things, or crap has definite connections to the mental stuff, memories, joys and sorrows. Before Kathy passed away I couldn’t bring… Read more →

Remembering Kathy Lehndorff

I really don’t like asking for money. I’m not really good at it at all. When I do an estimate for a graphic design project I never guess how long something is really going to take. Well, I never overestimate, at least. I always do what it takes to get it done. Sometimes I am so wrapped up in work,… Read more →

Undertakings: Part 2

Where was I? It has been three weeks since Kathy passed away. There have been a few moments when my eyes have started welling up. It is funny how it happens at odd moments. I was down at my accountant’s office. I don’t have much to account for, but I am lousy with numbers. They  wished me condolences and I… Read more →

Finding a routine

I’m starting to think I have too many lists going. I need to list my lists. I use ‘Google Keep’ for some memos. But then I have a series of ‘Google Drive’ spreadsheets to remember my design projects and another for paying bills. ‘Google Keep’ is nice because it is synchronized on my phone, and on my computer. The problem… Read more →