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The Huntington’s Waltz

CAREGIVING, MUSIC & LIFE: I started thinking about this song some time after Kathy passed away. At the caregivers support group at UConn, I mentioned how I wish I could “do something.” I was thinking I could be trained to run a support group or advise people. Now I realize that counseling should be done by counselors – with professional training.… Read more →

The “How I’m feeling” post

Writing. There are a number of reasons to keep a journal or to write stuff down. In the beginning, it was simply to remember what or when something happened. In my case, it really helps me process complicated feelings and to remember what I/we went through. When I stopped writing regularly I found myself being in a crappy mood every once… Read more →


Hello and Welcome. This blog started out a few years ago as a journal. It helped me process what was going on in my life as a caregiver, artist, and as a musician. My personal goal was to be able to remember what happened, when. As my wife, Kathy declined from Huntington’s Disease, I wanted to share what was happening… Read more →

Reno / part 1: Hip hooray

Caregiving: I just got back from Reno on Tuesday, so I am still catching up with stuff. I was there for a week or so to help my sister Barbara recover from hip replacement surgery. There were a few moments when I started to wonder what they replaced it with. (Used parts?) But she is progressing really well, now. I was… Read more →

A new year

LIFE: Well the New Year has come and gone. The Christmas decorations have been put away. The lights are coiled up and put away. I’m making new file folders for receipts and filing  the old stuff for taxes. Kathy’s health records and hospice info is in a file box. Sympathy and Christmas cards have been put away. I seem to be… Read more →