Upcoming: August 10th at Luthier’s (with Chris Christie)

I will be doing a set at Luthier’s Co-op in Easthampton MA this Thursday, August 10. You should get home at an early hour. These are usually just 45-minute concerts. My friends Charlie Thompson and Mike Sullivan will join me. If I can figure out how to broadcast with Facebook Live, I will.

I have attempted to do a little more marketing for this gig. I did a Facebook ‘event’ and tag/invited a lot of my friends. Then I apologized to all of them for tagging them because I was afraid I was being too pushy. It is probably a minor byproduct of my general anxiety disorder. I love to joke about how paranoid I am but I actually take meds for it. 🙂 This is a song I wrote about anxiety before I knew I had anxiety. So help me be calm and come to the show.


Gigging with Chris

At the time I was coming up with a flyer Chris Christie exploded on social media if you pardon the expression. As the governor of New Jersey, he disagreed with his legislature over the budget and closed all the beaches. He was photographed on the vacated beach by a passing press plane. I’m not sure who got the idea to isolate Christie in Photoshop and plop him into other scenes but they are pretty funny. I started sharing them on Facebook and when I saw one with him on the mountaintop with Julie Andrews (Sound of Music). I decided to add him to a Luthier’s flyer. It was fun to do but then I got obsessed. So here are a few of my contributions to the genre. I need to find someone else to poke fun of.

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