An Update

CAREGIVING: A quick update and thank you for all the support I have received. It means a lot. I received some lovely comments on Facebook. I realize this is therapeutic for me, but it makes other people sad. It hits close to home.

Kathy has rebounded (a little) from last week. I’m not kidding myself about the future or anything. There seems to be a little more air moving in and out of her left lung. Her Oxygen saturation was 99% when Shannon checked it on Thursday. Sometimes I tell Kathy she is healthier than I am. Of course, she is on oxygen and a number of medications but considering…

She seems to be getting through most nights without needing suction. That translates to a better night of sleep for me, too. I told Shannon that the other thing I have been giving her is a partial dose of “Mucinex” (guaifenesin) to loosen up the phlegm. I give it to her in the morning. After we roll her back and forth to change her briefs; and lift her in the Hoyer lift; and put her into her chair, I can usually remove a quantity of gunk.

IMG_20150328_212117In my spare moments I have been trying to catch up with things around the house: mowed the lawn, started pruning weeds and small trees, straightening the basement out and some other home projects. I have done some design work to for clients. And have been working on some new songs.

There aren’t enough hours in the day. But at least both of us are breathing easier.

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