Two Steps Sideways….

Saturday and Sunday seem normal (looking back from Tuesday at least.) Normal is a relative term around here.

Saturday morning I got Kathy up, we danced to the commode and I cleaned her up. Really it was just changing a depends. I made her some french toast and she ate a slice or two. Pat came around noon and gave her a thorough bed bath. I explained what had happened on Thursday and Friday, so, when she cleaned Kath she showed me how to wipe and wash “below the belt.” She made it look pretty easy. The important thing I tried to learn is that every wipe needs to go front to back. And with a clean surface or clean wipe or tissue. Doing that avoids urinary tract infections. I suppose if we had a baby I could have figured that out logically. I learned how to roll Kathy on her side to do the back and to gradually get her depends or diaper on.

I noticed some red areas on Kathy’s back and butt so I put some of the liquid barrier bandage stuff on it. I dressed her foot blister while she was on her side and while the applicator was still wet. I was down to my last few packets until the nurse comes back on Tuesday. It is amazing stuff, but it dries almost instantly. You need to work really fast. It helps to use gloves. I didn’t. The pad will glue itself to your hand. Pat put a layer of barrier cream (Balmex diaper cream) on top of the prep stuff. This is to prevent the depends or diaper from getting laminated to her hiney. Can’t have that.

Later, Kathy seemed to be coughing a little more. She didn’t eat much for lunch, just some cheese and smoothy, I think. I’ve noticed that the Scopolamine patch seems to be wearing off by the last day. It has done a good job, so far, of keeping the secretions out of her lungs. For the most part I haven’t had to give her Benadryl, which basically does the same thing for her if she can swallow it. The patches are placed just behind alternating ears every third day. Maybe it is just me, but every third day is confusing to me. It sounds like a line from Noah’s Ark or something. “And on the third day he doth got sea sicketh. So, he changeth his patch.” Scopolamine is generally used to prevent sea sickness, and motion sickness. It is pretty interesting stuff though and has been used for various dubious uses like “truth serum.”

Later that day I ran out to the Village Store because we were out of almond milk. I had started another Peapod grocery list, but I  wasn’t sure when it would get here. One nice surprise, when I went out, was a check I was waiting for arrived in the mail. It had been MIA for many months. My begging and nagging may have helped, then again maybe not. But it meant I could buy, buy, buy. More like payoff, payoff, payoff. I did pick up a six-pack. I can’t even remember what beer tastes like. For dinner I gave Kathy chili with ground turkey. Puréed of course. She seems to really like salsa. I have to purée that too.

On Sunday Pat came a little earlier while Kathy was sitting well in her chair. I asked her to shampoo Kathy’s hair. Today, I was occupied with making breakfast so I just popped in and out while she gave Kathy her bed bath. I did reapply the liquid bandage stuff. I made potatoes and an omelet, but she was coughing and had trouble eating again. I never know if she will be able to eat. Later she did eat some cheese. I was trying to figure out a way I can get her chair out the patio door onto the deck. The chair is just a little too wide without trashing the door, but it might be doable. That afternoon I finally mowed the lawn. And the weeds. And those damn little maple trees that pop up all over the place here. I also assembled the ramp I had bought weeks ago. I don’t think there is much hope for Kathy leaving the house, but I figured I should finish it. It was a beautiful day out at least.

For supper Kathy really ate well. At the Village store in the deli they usually have some dishes that they cook home style. I had picked up some “cheeseburger pie” on Saturday and she ate that right up. No choking.  Two steps sideways is better than backwards.

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