Snow Phobia

2013-12-18 10.48.39LIFE: Even when we were both healthy, the winters were rough at our house. Since the house is so close to the road, the plows push the snow on to our porch and bury our car. I should rephrase that: The road is so close to the house. Since the house has been there since the Civil War the road has been expanding to our front door. Our porch is not on our property.

Now that Kathy can no longer walk (without being supported) it is pretty easy to just stay in. But with health aides and nurses and therapists visiting, snow phobia sets in. There is snow removal and shovelling to be done. We do get our little parking area plowed by Billy, a guy that runs the septic company in town. But he can only get part of it with a plow. I was going to get a snow blower but I’m not sure what to do with it during the summer and spring. I could leave it on the front porch but I’d like to avoid being on extreme make-unders. At least now with the stair-lift I have a way to get Kathy out of the building– if I have to.

2013-12-18 10.48.16

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