Last Day for Su

CAREGIVING: Wednesday was Su’s last day. I’m making up the spelling of Su, by the way. Here real name is Suhsien, she is the extroverted health aide from Taiwan. We really enjoyed her help, and her cooking. More importantly Kathy really liked her. She decided to go to a different agency. I’m not sure they actually pay more per hour but her old agency didn’t pay her mileage. Unfortunately her new agency isn’t under contract to our regional seniors agency GSSSI so we will be getting someone new next Wednesday.

Today Su made stir fried noodles with chicken. She cooks almost everything stir fried and this was amazing. In lieu of asian noodles she used some fancy multi-color nest pasta I had bought at Aldi’s. She used ginger, curry and chicken in it and lots of garlic and onion. Kathy was having a lot of balance and coordination issues off and on today. I think one of her meds, a muscle relaxant, made her tired and well, relaxed. Like a cooked noodle. So she would buckle when I was moving her around. When I am guiding/lugging her to the sofa she wants to sit down way before we are in the right place. Usually  she wants to watch Su cook but today she stayed resting on the futon. I had design work to do so I sat on Marty’s sofa and he kept me company.

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