Peter Lehndorff’s songs can be downloaded and streamed on Bandcamp. Downloads from Bandcamp are “pay what you wish” and all proceeds have been donated to the Huntington’s Disease program at UConn where Kathy was treated. Songs are also available for download at CDBaby, Amazon, Google Play, iTunes. Some newer songs can be found on SoundCloud. Many of the songs are also on Spotify.

Newer Original Songs

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Love on the Line

LOVE ON THE LINE, my first disc was originally released on the Signature Sounds label. I was lucky enough to have help from some wonderful friends including Dar Williams, Jeff Pevar, Kevin Lynch, Chris Haynes, Richard Downs and others.

Yellow Datsun. When Kathy and I moved out to Boulder we bought a Ford box van from a rock band. We made it out there and rather than drive around with our furniture we bought a yellow Datsun 510 in our ‘price range.’ It had a Radio Shack under-dash 8-track stereo with Blood Sweat and Tears permanently stuck in it. Dar Williams – vocals; Megan Biolchini and Meredith Fisk – vocals; Kevin Lynch – mandolin; Matt Nozzolio – dobro;  Richard Downs – acoustic bass.  Dar Williams appears courtesy of Razor & Tie Entertainment. L.L.C./ Burning Field Music.

Love on the Line. As we get more and more connected, it seems like we’re communicating less and less. And in short e-bursts. I used to have an address and a phone number. Now I have extra zip codes, a fax, e-mail addresses, websites etc. Matt Nozzolio – dobro;  Richard Downs – acoustic bass.

Everything Takes Longer. Women in the audience seem to get a kick out of the ‘Jack and Jill’ part. Men look befuddled. Jeff Pevar – electric guitar; Dana Pomfret – vocals and shaker; Richard Downs – acoustic bass.

I Wish You Were Dead. This is a letter from someone who goes to heaven and misses his buddies on earth. Richard Downs – tuba; Chris Haynes – accordion.

Paranoid. My anthem to fear. Jeff Pevar – mandolin; Richard Downs – acoustic bass.

Jiggle the Handle. Instrumental. “Jiggle the handle” was written on a bathroom wall where I had my design studio. Jeff Pevar – mandolin; Richard Downs – acoustic bass.

East Longmeadow. This song is a look at suburban life. This happened to a friend of mine that lived there. East Longmeadow is a neat little town in western Massachusetts. The houses are not as alike as the song says and the schools are excellent. Dana Pomfret – vocals; Kevin Lynch – Mandolin; Matt Nozzolio – dobro; Richard Downs – acoustic bass.

Oh, Babe. This song was an anniversary present to my wife Kathy almost 30 years ago. I still have that couch, but it’s been fixed. Jeff Pevar – slide guitar and mandolin; Richard Downs – acoustic bass.

All the Money in the World. I wrote this song about Donald Trump, circa 1990 or so. He was in the middle of one of his affairs and said he couldn’t afford to divorce Ivana. It would cost him too much money. Chris Haynes – piano; Richard Downs – tuba; Kevin Lynch – mandolin; Dana Pomfret – vocals.

Peugeot. My Peugeot was named Eric after a French exchange student who lived in our town. Eric loved to complain that everything was always better in France. I have my doubts about their cars. The melody is based on I ride an old paint. Matt Nozzolio – dobro; Richard Downs – acoustic bass.

Alligator. When I lived in Gainesville, Florida there was a guy who used to get into one of the lakes and swim with the alligators. I never really intended to record this. I used this tune to warm up one night and the tape was rolling. We added tuba and kept it. Richard Downs – tuba.

McPherson Strut. Instrumental. This tune was written to mimic a car starting up and going for a ride. With Jeff’s lap steel, it sounds like we’re driving in Hawaii. Jeff Pevar – lap steel; Kevin Lynch – mandolin; Richard Downs – acoustic bass.

Little Man (You’ve Had a Busy Day). ©1938 Maurice Sigler, AI Hoffman, Mabel Wayne. (Polygram and AI Hoffman Music, ASCAP) My mother sang this song to me when she wanted me to fall asleep. Bing Crosby and Perry Como had hits with it. Matt Nozzolio – dobro; Kevin Lynch – Mandolin; Richard Downs – acoustic bass.

All downloads are “pay what you wish.” Any proceeds or tips from these songs will benefit the good work of the Huntington’s Disease program at the University of Connecticut Health Center where my wife Kathy received treatment and I get support. UConn is doing stem cell research and helping patients and families like ours. Huntington’s Disease is the genetic disease that took the life of Woody Guthrie. It is a neurodegenerative disorder that causes problems with emotional control, memory, and movement, and eventually, leads to death.



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